8 Interesting APIs for your next project

8 Interesting APIs for your next project

Want to make a project for your portfolio or maybe a side project but don't know where to start?

In this video I'll show you 8 really cool APIs and give some of my own ideas for how to use each of them in a unique project that will catch people's attention.

These APIs have client libraries for pretty much any language, so it doesn't matter what language you prefer to write code in, they can be used by anybody.

Summary of APIs

  1. Printful - Lets you upload designs, preview items, and then order almost any type of merchandise via API. Printful handles shipping and manufacturing

  2. Mux Video- Handles all the complexity of working with video, just upload the file and Mux creates multiple versions of it and pushes to a CDN. Also supports live streaming

  3. Lob - Lets you send postcards, letters, checks, and more with a few lines of code

  4. Twilio - Already well known for SMS, but they've expanded their product range a ton and have a bunch of new features to play around with

  5. Plaid - Makes it easy to connect to users bank accounts and takes care of security and regulations

  6. Google Cloud AI - Could have put a few different companies here but I like Google's AI APIs because they give you $300 in free credit, plus most people already have a Google account so sign up is easy

  7. Coinbase - Free public API for real time crypto price data via websocket, also historical data. With an account you can place orders if you wanted to make a trading bot.

  8. Open Secrets - Provides data on pretty much any politicians in Congress, voting records, fundraising, and lobbying